Month: February 2016

Another Tick Bite in Ireland Followed by Lyme Disease

My 3-year-old son, William, got a tick bite in Ireland (County Galway) on July 2, 2015. We’re from California, but were traveling in Ireland for a month during the summer. I’d gotten a tick bite in Ireland (County Kerry) about 2 weeks before, and had since become very paranoid about ticks. I did “tick checks” a few times a day after we’d been outside. We stayed OUT of long grass entirely. I didn’t know much about Lyme disease at that time, but I DID know that I didn’t want to put him at risk for it. It was one...

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A New Diagnostic Technique for Detecting Lyme Disease Could Involve Your Genes

This is a really interesting study published by researchers at UC San Francisco and Johns Hopkins in February 2016. In addition to highlighting what could potentially be a new diagnostic test for Lyme Disease (i.e., looking at the genetic signature of a patient’s white blood cells), the study reveals sobering statistics about exactly how long a person has to seek treatment before a more chronic form of Lyme disease ensues. Find the Full Text of the Study Here Regarding This Potential New Diagnostic Test for Lyme Disease For reference, here is a link to the full text of the...

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