Month: May 2016

Free Tick Testing – Dead or Alive

Got ticks? Want to know which diseases the ticks near you are carrying? The Bay Area Lyme Foundation is offering FREE tick testing, whether the ticks or dead or alive. The goal is to better map WHERE Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections are occurring in the United States.   Click here for free tick testing details >>   Right now, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say that Lyme disease does NOT occur nationwide, but they also admitted to diagnosing only ONE TENTH of the number of new cases each year (they admitted the actual number...

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Lyme Disease in Calaveras County and the Sierra Nevadas

Lyme Disease Is Present and Growing in Calaveras County and the Western Sierra Nevada Mountains One of my local friends has just told me that a member of her family from Calaveras County believes he has chronic Lyme disease. He had a tick bite several years ago, started antibiotics 2 days after the bite (his doctor only had him on antibiotics for less than a month, in spite of continued symptoms and a bull’s eye rash), and has not felt himself since then. He lost 20 pounds very early on, and attributed it to the antibiotics. Ever since that...

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