Find an LLMD (Lyme-literate doctor) Near You


Insurance Often Will Not Help

I could not find an LLMD covered by my insurance. This is typical, because LLMDs do not follow CDC guidelines for Lyme disease and other co-infections. If they did, we would never get well. It costs thousands of dollars for proper treatment. There is no way around this. But your health, and your family’s health, is truly priceless.


Different LLMDs Use Different Treatment Methods

Some LLMDs rely solely on antibiotics as their treatment approach. Others use only herbal and supplemental remedies. Still others offer a combination approach. Call their offices to learn more. I personally believe that for acute cases of Lyme disease (i.e., early Lyme disease), antibiotics are the best approach (with or without herbals). Many people with Chronic Lyme Disease prefer the two other alternatives (antibiotics with herbals, or herbals alone). It may take a while to decide what works best for you.